Casting Division

Casting Division

Casting Division

At Abtekin Kalıp Döküm, we bring together quality, precision and innovation in our expertly managed casting department. With modern equipment and experienced specialists, we offer excellence in aluminum die casting.

High-Quality Casting Processes

We use the latest technology to ensure superior quality aluminum castings. With our rigorous quality control processes, we cast our products with perfection.

Flexible Manufacturing Capacity

We offer customized solutions to our customers with our ability to respond quickly to demands from different industries and our flexible manufacturing capacity.

Our Expert Team

Our experienced engineers and specialized casting operators work to ensure quality at every stage and realize your projects at the highest level.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We adopt a sustainable manufacturing approach by minimizing environmental impacts. We carry out an environmentally friendly manufacturing process by using recyclable materials.

Machine Quantity
550 T. High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Machine 3
400 T. High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Machine 2
300 T. High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Machine 1