Who is Abtekin Kalıp Döküm?

Who is Abtekin Kalıp Döküm?
13 Jul 2023

Who is Abtekin Kalıp Döküm?

Abtekin Kalıp Döküm is one of the leading companies in Turkey's aluminum casting industry. For more than 35 years, it has been serving customers with quality products, timely delivery and reasonable price policy. In 1986, the company started its activities in an area of only 40 square meters and stepped into the aluminum injection molding sector in 1994 by adapting to Turkey's industrial transformation.

Areas of Expertise

Abtekin Kalıp Döküm provides mold manufacturing and aluminum casting services to different sectors such as automotive industry, irrigation systems, joinery machines, kitchenware and white goods components. The company's expert engineers produce molds tailored to customers' needs.

Constant Values

The company has gained a solid place in the sector with its emphasis on quality, timely delivery policy and competitive prices. It meticulously applies quality control processes at every stage and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Sustainability and Innovation

Abtekin Kalıp Döküm not only provides quality products, but also focuses on sustainable production methods to minimize environmental impacts. It also keeps a close eye on technological developments and is constantly striving to improve its production methods.

Abtekin Kalıp Döküm continues to offer reliable, high quality and innovative solutions to its customers. The company's experienced team and customer-oriented approach reinforces its leading position in the industry.