Specialized in Aluminum Casting

We specialize in aluminum casting! We produce excellent components with customized solutions that exceed industry standards.

16/24 DD Brake Chamber

Completely integrated into Abtekin's R&D and production, the 16/24 DD emergency brake chamber provide exceptional performance and safety even under the most challenging conditions.

Always Quality Production, On-Time Delivery

Always dedicated to producing high-quality goods and delivering them on-time, we offer our customers reliable and excellent services.

Leading in Quality, Making a Difference in the Future

While we take pride in our position as a quality leader, we remain committed to providing solutions that have a positive impact on the future.

The Rising Value in CNC Machining!

We accelerate the component machining and mold manufacturing process with an ever-growing machinery park.
Abtekin Kalıp Döküm
Who We Are

Always quality production and on-time delivery

Abtekin Kalıp Döküm is excited to share its knowledge and experience of more than 35 years of production with you, our valued customers.

Abtekin Kalıp Döküm, which started its activities as a mould manufacturer in 1986 with an area of 40 m², has entered the aluminum injection molding sector in 1994 according to the changing needs of the Turkish industry.

In 2021, our company moved to a 3500 m² production area, increased its production capacity and took a big step in contributing to our country's exports and employment.

Abtekin Kalıp Döküm
Abtekin Kalıp Döküm
Our Manufacturing Processes

Specialized in aluminum casting

1986 To The Present

Unchanged Quality Approach Since the First Day

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Our manufacturing power and industry experience

As Abtekin Kalıp, let's examine our manufacturing capacity and industry experience quantitatively.

Years of




Manufacturing Area




Tone Annual Aluminum
Casting Capacity


Mold Manufacturing
per Year

Abtekin Kalıp Döküm
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in Quality Production!

Abtekin Kalıp Döküm's manufacturing quality surpasses the industry standard. It offers excellent quality with modern technology, expert team and customized solutions. With many years of experience, we are a reliable partner in your industrial projects. Abtekin makes you feel the difference in quality!

We focus on customer satisfaction and work meticulously at every stage. Enjoy the pleasure of quality and trust while realizing your projects with our solutions suitable for your needs. Abtekin Kalıp Döküm meets you in perfect manufacturing!

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Abtekin Kalıp Döküm